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If you're watching your data usage, it's a good idea to use a feature introduced in iOS 7: With this tool, you can decide which apps get to use cellular data, and which apps can load only over Wi-Fi. Here's another one you might only stumble upon.

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To find a specific text message, use the search bar at the top of the message interface. When you're connected to in-flight Wi-Fi or traveling without a data plan, you can still send text messages to iPhone-using friends. Hidden beneath the unassuming characters of the iOS keyboard is a world of letters and symbols only available with a long-press.

For example, long-pressing the dash key reveals em and en dashes, while long-pressing the numeral 0 lets you insert a degree symbol. To see when a message was sent, drag the message screen to the left, and the time stamps will be revealed. Siri can handle really complex commands. She can even do things like set your alarm, and learn how to properly pronounce names. Sometimes you need to charge your phone fast. The fastest way to do that?

Airplane mode. With all sending and receiving of data cut off, your phone will charge much faster.

31 iPhone 7 tips, tricks, and features to supercharge your phone

Just be sure to leave the backlight off, too. Spotlight is really useful for quickly surfacing data on your phone. In order to do that, however, the tool needs to constantly survey your phone for new data and index it. For longer battery life, change these settings, too. Far, far into iOS's privacy settings is a setting that, when enabled, sends Apple your location data. Some people don't care.

If you do -- and you want a battery boost while you're at it -- disable the feature.

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Touch ID seems to have a beef with certain fingers, consistently requiring multiple scans before unlocking the device. If this sounds familiar, try this: Here, enroll the same finger two to three times by choosing Add a fingerprint. Doing so will give Touch ID more information about your finger patterns, resulting in a faster scan. With iOS 8. In other words, instead of only finding one color of emoji faces and hands within the keyboard, you now have a more realistic sample of colors to represent the various races in the world.

If you've been getting iMessages that say you've won a cruise or a Best Buy gift card, you're probably a victim of iMessage Spam. Fortunately, a quick trip to your iPhone settings can block these advertisers fairly easily. If you own an iPhone, you may have noticed something odd in the Messages app: What's the deal with that? We may earn a commission for purchases made through our links. Why trust us? Even though you use your iPhone every single day, you may not realize how powerful and feature-packed it really is. In fact, your iPhone has a few tricks up its sleeve that you probably don't know about.

Quickly shut off the flashlight

With the new release of iOS 12 , we wanted to share some tips so you can take full advantage of your smartphone. They're extremely convenient and fun, and they'll hopefully help save you a little time, too! This piece of advice will definitely come in handy when you need to figure out the tip at the restaurant. There's a setting on your iPhone called "Low Power Mode" that you may not know about.

Close three apps at once

It reduces power consumption by turning off a number of battery draining features like dimming the screen faster, retrieving email less frequently, and turning off background app refresh. If you'd rather have a visual cue over an auditory one, you should know that your iPhone's LED light can actually flash anytime you get pinged. Just make sure you don't have the setting on at a theater!

To turn the feature on go to:. When you hold your phone over something to take a photo, two crosshairs will appear — a white one and a yellow one.

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When they line up, your photo is level! As much as feedback and reviews are important for App developers, it can be extremely annoying when you are interrupted by a popup asking for you to rate the app or leave feedback. Good news is that there is now a setting to put an end to the constant pestering!

We get it — you're busy and sometimes you have to ignore a call. But rather than leaving your friends and loved ones hanging, the least you can do is send a text. Sometimes you don't have time for that. To help, your iPhone has three pre-written options "Sorry, I can't talk right now," "I'm on my way," and "Can I call you later?

You may not have known you can customize and overwrite the other three options.

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Here's how:. If you rely heavily on your iPhone timer like we do, you should know that there's a faster way to access it! Memoji are a silly but personable and fun new way to communicate with your friends and family. Previously on iOS 11, the tech could only recognize a single face, so anyone else who uses your phone would have to input a passcode to unlock your iPhone. Just as you could register multiple fingerprints with Touch ID for past iPhones, Apple now lets you register multiple faces to unlock a single device.

It seems like any time you need to measure something, you can never find the tape measure to do it. Now iOS 12 has a built-in measuring tool that you can use to measure rooms and objects. See how the app measures up by following these steps:. We're absolutely guilty of using our phones too much. If you want to cut back on time spent on social media, online shopping, or scanning headlines, iOS 12 has a new setting called Screen Time that can help. The feature definitely will come in handy for smartphone-addicted kids, too.

You can add shapes, stickers, some text, or a filter to your selfies or photos immediately after taking them so you can quickly send them to your friends and get back on with your day. To shave off a couple of seconds throughout your day, remember that most iPhones have a setting called 3D Touch.

15 (More) iPhone Tips & Tricks You Probably Don’t Know

By applying more pressure to the touchscreen, apps can respond by displaying a menu, showing additional content, or playing an animation. The Camera app, for example, provides a shortcut for taking a selfie, recording video, scanning a QR Code, or taking a portrait photo. Besides performance and battery improvements, Shortcuts are probably the most exciting new feature to come from iOS They help simplify everyday tasks and let you get things done with your apps or through Siri. Sounds cool, right? Optimise battery life There are a couple of ways to make your battery last longer. Make sure you have updated to the latest software for the iPhone, iOS If the update is available you will need to connect your device to a power source.

To optimise your settings for battery life, dim the screen by swiping up from the bottom and open the Control Centre. From there, drag the brightness slider to the left. You can also activate Auto Brightness to adjust the screen automatically. Also, using a wi-fi connection to access data uses less power than a mobile network so ensure that Wi-Fi is kept on if you know you can connect to a network. Switch calendar views Make sure you're making full use of the calendar.

You can view appointments by list, day or month. Landscape mode allows you to see appointments over a five-day period. You can swipe between weeks in the calendar and use the search icon to get a list view of every event. Go to Messages, select a conversation and drag from right to left.